Legal Status:

Incorporated in the state of Washington in 2003 as a 501(c) 3 tax exempt Not for Profit Corporation EIN: 20-3758788; UBI: 602-545-890; Address: P.O. Box 3703 South Edmunds St, #19, Sea., WA 98118 Alternative Address: 10442 63rd Ave S., Sea., WA 98178

Tag Line:

Empowering community, moving Rainier Beach forward

Rainier Beach Action Coalition mission is to:

  • Implement the Rainier Beach Neighborhood Plan (1997, 2014) and build a connected, sustainable and equitable community within the Rainier Beach neighborhood.
  • Promote the “made in Rainier Beach”, quality education, living wage jobs, affordable transportation and housing for all.
  • Promote a safe place where people thrive, a neighborhood the world calls home.
  • Build neighborhood capacity to enhance quality of life in Rainier Beach as well as to address critical issues threatening the welfare of Rainier Beach residents.

Management Structure:

Day to day operations are managed on a volunteer and availability basis

Chair, Gregory Davis functions as a project manager and spends approximately 5-10 hours per week coordinating contractor activity, financial, public relation functions and grant writing. RBAC is governed by a Board of Directors. Each Board member lends their influence to RBAC via their public service activity. They also step in to support strategic relationships, advise on strategy and grant proposals.

RBAC has no employees, it contracts essential functions out, in particular, management of its strategy, , coordination of signature events and neighborhood development programs, online assets and youth civic engagement coordination duties that arise through grants. Bylaws direct the Board to  meet 4 times per year where committees report out on  financials, program development and personnel issues.

Signature Events and Program Activities by action action area

A Place for Everyone

-Food Innovation District, projected 2018

Life Long Learning

-Rainier Beach Back2School Bash, since 2003

-FreedomNet, since 2010

-Rainier Beach Town Hall Meetings, since 2003

A Beautiful Safe Place

-Rainier Beach Restorative Justice Project, since 2017

-Corner Greeters, since 2015

Grow Food to Develop Healthy Industry

-Food Innovation Center, projected 2017