Seattle is seeking teachers qualified to teach in our K-5 Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programs in Spanish, Japanese, or Mandarin. We currently teach Spanish DLI (including two two-way programs with at least half Spanish home language speakers) in five elementary schools, Japanese DLI in two, and Mandarin in two. Our DLI programs are part of Seattle's International Schools and are located in the NW, SE, and SW regions of the district.

Please note that if you are a current contracted teacher with Seattle Public Schools, you do not need to fill out this application. You will apply directly to positions through the internal transfer application when hiring for 2018-19 begins in early spring.

This is a pool posting. Applicants will be screened for minimum qualifications and will be asked to provide their grade-level preferences and location preferences by region and specific schools. If you meet minimum qualifications, you will be eligible for referral from the pool to schools for DLI positions once the district moves into open hiring. You will be notified if you are referred to a school position when open hiring begins in the spring.

When applying, please answer all questions carefully and fully. Your responses will be viewable by principals and used to determine if you will be invited for an interview at a specific school.


A classroom teacher performs, under the general direction of the building principal or program manager and with assistance from appropriate staff personnel. A classroom teacher fosters and enhances an effective learning environment; facilitates the development or revision of curriculum and instructional materials; establishes learning objectives and standards based upon general District guidelines; provides instruction, counsels, disciplines, and supervises to meet the individual needs of assigned students; and, to evaluate student performance and progress.

Essential Functions

1.     Fosters an educational environment conducive to the learning and maturation process of assigned students; plans an instructional program designed to meet individual student needs and whole groups which may include at risk or special needs youth; prepares lesson plans.
2.     Uses necessary and appropriate instructional methods and materials, which are suited to the well-being of the students and to the nature of the learning activities, program and/or curriculum involved; implements established program or curriculum objectives; attends in-service training and continues to improve professional growth through study and experimentation to remain current in methods and techniques for instruction.
3.     Establishes and implements, in a positive and supportive manner, classroom policies and procedures governing student behavior and conduct; provides guidance, counseling, and discipline to encourage students to meet standards of achievement and conduct; makes referrals for assistance where appropriate.
4.     Confers with students, parents or guardians, and other staff, maintaining an open positive relationship as appropriate to provide guidance and evaluation, and to encourage student achievement.
5.        Establishes classroom goals and objectives, in conformation with courses of study specified by State and School District statutes, regulations and guidelines; evaluates and records student progress; prepares reports for parents or guardians.
6.     Collects and interprets a variety of data; provides reports for administrative purposes.
7.     Directs the activities of assigned non-certificated personnel.
8.     Attends or participates in all required staff meetings and other activities deemed necessary by the District and/or building principal, in order to accomplish the objectives of the position and for professional achievement.
9.     Serves on staff committees as required.
10.   Participates in a variety of activities to enhance personal and professional skills.
11.   Performs related tasks consistent with the scope and responsibility of the position.

Minimum Qualifications

Education and Experience
Bachelor's degree; academic preparation for or experience in teaching a culturally, racially and economically diverse student population in an urban school system. Specific programs may require additional academic preparation or professional experience, including; working with bilingual students and assisting them in the transition to regular classrooms; implementing programs designed to prevent the dropout of "at risk" students; and, teaching multi-level, open-concept, and main streamed classes.
Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Knowledge of: Subject areas appropriate to assignment; effective behavior management techniques; effective instructional techniques; rules and procedures for student safety.
Skill in: Proficiency in reading, writing, and oral communications; effective communication with parents or guardians in a diverse community; designing and implementing lesson plans for students having a wide range of achievement.
Ability to: Deal with students in a positive and confident manner; be fair and consistent when working with a culturally, racially, and economically diverse student population; adapt to change and remain flexible; organize activities; manage student behavior; use good judgement to maintain a safe learning environment; provide instruction and demonstrate techniques; use necessary equipment, computers, machinery, tools, or software; direct assistants; in some positions, administer first aid and CPR; establish and maintain effective, positive working relationships with students, parents or guardians, staff and administrators.
Licenses/Special Requirements
Washington State Teachers' License with an Elementary Education Endorsement
Ability to demonstrate native or near native fluency and literacy skills in Spanish, Japanese, or Mandarin

Highly desired:
Bilingual Ed Endorsement or World Languages Endorsement
ELL Endorsement or experience working with English Language Learners
Experience living and working in the culture of the language (including communities where the language is spoken in the US)


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John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence

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Status: Open No of vacancies: 1 Job type: Full Time Job level: Top level Years of experience: 2 Salary: $0 - $0 / Publish date: 15 Jun 2018

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