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Food Policy Council

Our Mission

Seattle Foundation’s Fund for Inclusive Recovery has granted RBAC the opportunity to convene the first of its kind Food Policy Council.

The current landscape of South King County’s food system is made up of limited infrastructure and networks that do not support local farms to sustain their communities. This situation is exacerbated for Black, Indigenous, immigrant and refugee farmers. Food plans laid out be the City of Seattle and King County fail to center their strategies around BIPOC communities.

In an effort to drive equity and bring in the voices that local food strategies should center, RBAC is allocating $100,000/annually for the next 3 years to resource our council partners for their expertise and seat at the table. This is a space to be held for knowledge, experiences, stories, data, and economic opportunity to uplift each other.

We Focus on

  • Economic Development
  • Community Anchors
  • Supporting Local Farms
  • Food Justice

How to Get Involved

  • Contribute your story
  • Organize with others
  • Share your needs
  • Let us know what it would take!

Our 3-year approach will generate a growth cycle in 6 steps:

YEAR 1 (2022): Plowing –
Readying the soil

  1. Knowledge: affirming the need to bring together food access advocates and support their participation
  2. Comprehension: ensuring stakeholders understand their role and capacity to influence the council

YEAR 2 (2023): Seeding –
Planting, fertilizing, watering, weeding

  1. Application: putting into place a pipeline to engage youth who will benefit from and sustain the council
  2. Analysis: developing a collective assessment of local food plans

YEAR 3 (2024): Harvesting –
Feeding the people

  1. Synthesis: creating a collective report
  2. Evaluation: using Ripple Effect Mapping among other tools to measure and redefine collective impact

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Thank you to our partners!

RBAC is recruiting for our new Executive and Advisory Councils!