Rainier Beach

Food Hub & Farm Stand

Food Hub Hours

Monday – Friday

8 – 4 pm

Farm Stand Hours

Saturday; 10-12pm

June 15th – October 12th

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Farmer Support

About Us

What is a Food Hub?

The Food Hub services local BIPOC, immigrant, refugee, women farmers in South King County and the local Rainier Beach community through produce purchase, transportation, aggregation, distribution, technical assistance, and employment opportunities.

CLICK HERE: Food-Hub in action

How does our Free Farm Stand work?

Every Saturday, we hold a farm stand, where folks can access free, fresh local produce grown by Black and Brown farmers. 

CLICK HERE: First Farm Stand of 2023

The Food Innovation Center

A long term plan in Rainier Beach to address food access and farmer support.

CLICK HERE: Food Innovation Center Documentary

Our Team

Kerry W.
Director of Food Hub & Farm Stand

Beatrice S.
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Coordinator
Email: beatrice@rbactioncoalition.org

Cly S.
Farmer Support Lead

Nurhaliza M.
Food Justice Coordinator
Email: nurhaliza@rbactioncoalition.org

Kidest W.
Farm Stand Fellow
Email: kidest@rbactioncoalition.org

Mawahib I.
Communications Coordinator
Email: mawahib@rbactioncoalition.org

Elizabeth H.
Food Justice Fellow
Email: elizabeth@rbactioncoalition.org

Carmen B.
Food Hub Support Specialist

Derartu M.
Farms Stand Fellow

Abby E.
Farm Stand Fellow

Omar K.
Farm Fellow

M’Bouilee S.
Farm Fellow

Grower Resource Page

Are you a farmer that wants to work with RBAC? Contact Kerry to learn more. We would love to get to know you!


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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Box

Contact beatrice@rbactioncoalition.org for any questions you have about our CSA box service.

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Farmer Support

What is Farmer Support?

What is Farmer Support? We want to help you! Cly, our Farmer Support Lead, will reach out to you and will set up a time and day to come out to your farm and help you out for the day.

Farmer Support can look like:
• Transportation
• Processing & packaging harvest on-site
• Delivering produce to RBAC
• Building a hoop house or other building projects
• Social media promotion
• Setting up irrigation systems
• Admin support, invoices, data collection
   and more, just ask!

For any questions, send an email to cly@rbactioncoalition.org

Growth Center Space Reservation Calendar

RBAC is recruiting for our new Executive and Advisory Councils!