Community Advocacy

As a neighborhood-based coalition, we structured RBAC to engage in advocacy with partners either at action tables or in direct partner to partner relationships. We determined these are the best approaches because they build community around solutions, allow a focus on neighborhood-grown projects and they drive innovative policy changes across issue areas.  We strategically select the tables we are a part of or we create them ourselves. A unifying practice across our work at action tables is to elevate grassroots voices, particularly those of our young people. Black and Brown Rainier Beach residents are just trying to get by and can’t make it to these meetings on a regular basis, RBAC attends those meetings and advocates on behalf of the hopes and dreams of RB residents.  The partner to partner advocacy relationships have a unique quality that proves successful in Rainier Beach. These focus on meeting people where they are at, literally. The youth and neighborhood engagement method RBAC utilizes activates place in Rainier Beach, in other words street corners.  The researchers call it street segments.  No better place to hear from the residents. We take the feedback and create projects that pursue systems and policy change. Below are tables we sit at and organizations we have partnered with. Join the list, email

Free Orca Cards for All

Youth & Neighborhood Engagement Methodology

Seattle Mix land use zoning designation (City of Seattle)

Food Innovation Center

Food Policy Council

Advocacy Wins

Priority Hire Ordinance

Free Orca Card for All Campaign

Sweet Beverage Tax (City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods)

Seattle Mix land use zoning designation (City of Seattle)

Food Innovation District

Circle Keeping Network

City of Seattle Equitable Development Initiative

Deployment of a Youth/Neighborhood Engagement methodology

Tables we Sit At

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