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Activities that enhance family life in the neighborhood.


Support community engagement that enhances expands and/or develops programs that ensure healthy youth, young adult and family development.


  • Arts oriented activity coordinated and promoted throughout the neighborhood
  • Community events to bring people together e.g., block parties, the arts, things people like
  • The development and ongoing support of youth and family service programs e.g., Urban Impact, DAD’s, ASC RB Family Center, AARTH, ECBF, Mental Health support, immigrant and refugee services, mentoring, Back2School Bash
  • Teen Life Center
  • Policy advocacy components (February 12th, Olympia)
  • Reasonable hours for programs
  • Something to collaborate with Youth/Families/Young Adults
  • Programs to connect youth and parents
  • Family events (camping)
  • Carnivals
  • Trying new things with parents
  • Meetings between youth/parents together
  • Conversation salons

Other Projects to Watch

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