NEWS FLASH: Do you know of an organization or group (including your own) that has been involved in Youth, Families, Young Adults, including the Arts and Culture in Rainier Beach? Help us update our information on the progress and challenges related to these priorities over the past year. Information you provide will help inform the next Town Hall Meeting in January, where we will set priorities for 2010. Just enter your observations as a comment at the end of this page. Thanks!

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Overall Goal – RB Coalition supports community engagement that enhances, expands and/or develops programs that ensure healthy youth, young adult and family development.

2009 and Beyond – Priorities identified at 2009 Town Hall Meeting

To help monitor and track throughout the year click here and enter any activity in Rainier Beach that is responses to these priorities:

1.  Community events to bring people together e.g.,  block parties, the arts, things people like to do
2.  Linkages between providers e.g., better communication, knowledge sharing, resources and referrals
3.  Girl’s programs thorough middle schools support
4.  Support for youth, especially ex-offenders with employment, education and housing
5.  Multilevel access to funds to support grassroots, smaller organizations doing the work
6.  Making inclusive programs for immigrants and refugees and connecting service providers to resources and training
7.  Outreach connecting to kids where they are, as unified, relational network of youth workers
8.  Mentoring
9.  Mental Health support
10.  Working in RBHS directly, support inside schools
11.  Working with rather than for folks

Projects to keep our eyes and ears on:

* Rec Tech (Rainier Beach Community Center)
* Rainier Beach Community Center Renovation (Seattle Parks Department)
* Rainier Beach Family Center (Atlantic Street Center)
* Lake Washington P Patch (SEED, Lake Washington Apartments, RBCEC)
* Rainier Health and Fitness Center (Urban Impact)
* Lake Washington Apartments Redevelopment (SEED)
* Rainier Beach Kinship Drop-in  Center (Atlantic Street Center and others)
* Family to Family (DSHS, Annie E. Casey Foundation)

Youth, Families and Young Adults Partners
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