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A neighborhood of strong transit advocates capable of knowledgeably maneuvering the complex city, county, regional and state planning and funding process..


To ensure community transportation improvements are compatible with the environment, facilitate citizen access, and provide space for a pedestrian boulevard accommodating bicyclist, walkers and transit riders per Rainier Beach 2014 Neighborhood Plan.


  • Strong transit advocates, preferably residents who will work with others in the Seattle area
  • A transit riders union
  • Maintenance of good bus service. especially the electric trolleys
  • Improve bus coordination with the light rail between MLK and Rainier
  • Help the transit dependent, such as reduced local fares
  • Continue to improve pedestrian safety, especially better sidewalks and street crossings
  • Make Rainier Beach a “walkable and bikable community
  • Ensure that future transit oriented development means work and affordable housing for existing residents as well as newcomer

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