Restorative Resolutions

"To build a more connected network of Circle Keepers in Rainier Beach and contribute to the support systems in our community before/after gun violence occurs."


The Restorative Resolutions project envisions Rainier Beach as a place where our community and especially folx who are victims of gun violence have ample support and connection to resources that not only offer healing but also provision of basic needs.

Program Description

This project is focused on Rainier Beach residents, centering on young people, Black and Brown people, working class people, and folx who are most impacted by gun violence

With special funding for 2022, it is a continuation of work that we have been doing for over seven years through YATTA Rising . At the end of 2022 there will be a group of organizations that have built up capacity to support victims of gun violence using restorative methods.

How You Can Be Involved

Come through to participate in any of our monthly circle spaces, community gatherings, and training opportunities! These will be developed as the year progresses and advertised accordingly.


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 Restorative Resolution Reports


Restorative Resolutions

RBAC as an organization has been active in the Rainier Beach neighborhood in it’s present form since 2015, and the people who make up RBAC have been active in RB for many years beyond that. Needless to say, we’ve all seen...

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