Rainier Beach Action Coalition What’s the “Big Picture”? What Tables Are We At?

Patrice Thomas

● It’s everything – this is what makes it hard, fun and easy challenging…can’t do anything without thinking about everything.
● Helping people attain their highest quality of life in their own right
● Rainier Valley Community of Opportunity Steering Committee (RV COO SC) ● South Communities Organizing for Regional and Racial Equity (South CORE) ● South CORE Land for Justice Subcommittee ● Link2Lake Steering Committee ● RSET (Race and Social Equity Taskforce) ● EDAC ● Good Business Network Leader Lab ● RB Economic Development Committee ● RB A Beautiful Safe Place for Youth (RBABSPY) Intervention Team

Liya Rubio

● Helping our community be in all spaces, in leadership roles, not just giving
● Community Engagement Academy – United Way ● YMCA at Chief Sealth, RB Farm Stand

Tammy Morales

● System change, policy change ● Graham Street Station Steering Committee ● Farm Stand Meeting ● South CORE attending ● Community Development Framework Group (Puget Sound Sage) – intent on making developers answer to community ● Rainier Valley Radio ● RBHS IB

Gregory Davis

● Existence of a pathway into RBAC work for the residents we activate
● Rainier Beach A Beautiful Safe Place fir Youth Core Team (RB ABSPY) Development Workgroup ● City of Seattle Police Chief Selection Committee ● RV COO SC – RB ABSPY Strategy Committee ● Priority Hire ● RBHS International Baccalaureate CAS Mentor ● South Lake High School advocate

Ken Gillgren
● Not 50K level but a focus point where things come together. More a focus point and where energies come together. What are the places we are watching that are telling us we are making progress that things are moving in direction we want to be in alignment with….e.g. consistent attendance
● South Seattle Peace Coalition/206 Rising (Neighborhood House) ● RBHS ● RV COO SC

David Sauvion

● Policy and system change – point toward the professional is policy change and culture change. If regulations don’t take it on it’s a wasted effort…unless we bring broader base of people to it we won’t have culture change.. ● RV COO SC ● South CORE SC ● Regional Equity Network – not super pro-active ● Food Incubation Workgroup – Port of Seattle ●

Tables we are not at but monitor  or support:
● Rainier Beach Merchants Association ● Rainier Beach Community Club ● Rainier Beach Community Center – Advisory Council ● 37th District Democrats – ● Rainier Beach Emergency Communication Hub ● Rainier Valley Chamber of Commerce
● City of Seattle MHA