The Rainier Beach Farm Stand has been going strong for 16 weeks. This Saturday, October 10th, will be the last farm stand of the season. None of it would have been possible without the amazing farm stand team, farmers, and volunteers who made it happen week in and week out. 

David, our Food Innovation Strategist, is responsible for transporting all the equipment and produce and bringing it to the community center every Saturday. The Farm Stand Fellows Abby, Kidest, Derartu, and Tyree, are there early every Saturday setting up tables, tents, signs, unloading produce, and displaying it beautifully. They are also the ones bagging and handing out the produce every Saturday. Olivia and Ari are volunteers who came and helped out. The farmers are the ones responsible for growing the produce we give out, and because of them we have been able to give away approximately 4,000 pounds of produce this year. They are Collins Family Orchards, Farmstand local foods, Kamayan Farm, Puget Sound Food Hub Farmer Cooperative, Regeneration Farm, Alvarez Organic Farms, City Fruit, Clean Greens, Nurturing Roots, and Tilth Alliance.

A huge thank you to the farmers, RBAC staff, volunteers and everyone who made this season possible!