We recently received this notice from the Seward Park Audubon Center. Please share with anyone you think might be interested:


Seward Park Audubon Center hosts several nature themed art exhibits in our downstairs classroom each year. The Center’s aim is to present the most meaningful programs to our audience, and we select artists based on high standards of creativity, quality and thematic relevance. We are currently conducting an open call to artists to submit their work for consideration for inclusion in our shows.

Opportunities for inclusion in our exhibitions can be limited. We host several exhibitions per year and schedule as much as a year in advance. But we appreciate learning about new work and will keep appropriate submissions on file in case of future opportunities. In order for us to become acquainted with your work, we ask that you follow the simple submission procedures below. Please note: we cannot accept walk-in submissions.

Basic Submission Procedure:

1. E-mail a link to your website to lmorton@audubon.org. If you are sending jpeg images, please send 4-10 of your most recent work.

2. Please include your artist resume and contact information.

3. Please include an artist’s statement addressing concrete information about your work and why it is appropriate for Seward Park Audubon’s mission of connecting people with nature.

We try to review submissions often and will respond via email when we are able.

If you’re or someone you know is interested in showing your nature-themed art at the Seward Park Audubon Center please email or call me at 206-652-2444 or lmorton@audubon.org. Additionally, please feel free to forward this to anyone whom you think might be interested and help us spread the word!

Additional information, see:  Seward Park Audubon Center Exhibit FAQs.