On Thursday, February 19th, Beach Fresh participants learned how to make quiche, salad, and apple pie. This week Food Innovation District Strategist, David Sauvion taught the program. An immigrant from France,  David claims he can make quiche in his sleep!

The Beach Freshers (BF) continue to strengthen their cooking skills every week. After everyone trickles in, washes their hands, and puts on their blue aprons, they find out what they are cooking today. This week the participants learned how to properly cut a leek. Someone was assigned to cut smoked salmon and they learned how to cut broccoli so that it steams faster. Arguably the most important step was the egg mixture filled with sour cream, cheese, and salt.

After the quiches were popped into the oven the Food Justice Fellows (FJF) presented a slideshow they created to the Beach Freshers. The FJF pulled up a PowerPoint andthe BF learned tips on how to make their food last longer and facts about food waste. The Beach Freshers found the food storage guide very helpful and got to take a guide home as well. The Food Storage Guide was also posted on the RBAC fridge, and now the RBAC family is more informed on how to waste less food!

After the presentation, David asked, “Who wants to make apple pie?” This question got an excited response of a series of yeses! They cut apples and laid them carefully around the pastry dough.After everything was done aprons were put in the wash and plates were licked clean.