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Seattle City Attorney’s Office, Seattle Councilman Bruce Harrell’s Office, Seattle Police Department, Seattle Parks & Recreation Department, Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative (SYVPI), and DSHS-Juvenile Justice & Rehabilitation Administration (JJ&RA) would like to invite your organization to “CITY PEACE 2014” a Community Resource Fair, BBQ, & Classic Car Show. The theme for the event is: “TRUCE TIME/PEACE TIME”, because there is a time and a place for everything, and this is the time for PEACE in the City of Seattle.

The Resource Fair will be at:

  • Rainer Beach Community Center (8825 Rainer Ave. S. Seattle, WA. 98118, Phone: (206) 386-1925)
  • Date: June 13, 2014
  • From: 3:30 PM to 7:00 PM

We will be giving out free Woodland Park Zoo passes to every youth that attends, free Dick’s Bucks ($4.00 worth) to eat at Dick’s Drive Inn to the first 100 youth that arrive at the event, and there will also be $150 in gift cards (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place) available for the youth who win the Dance, Poetry, and Open Mic contest. We would like a moment of your time to be our partner/sponsor for this event and to help us reach out to the youth and families in the community who are in need of our support at this time. Please feel free send your current client’s and staff if possible.

Our goal is to provide access to opportunities for youth to engage in when not in school and information regarding peaceful resolutions to differences. Our teens cannot easily or readily aspire to “peace” if they are not taught emotional reset/emotional management skills to produce peace while in the heat of the moment with their peers. We, the community, must teach them emotional restoration by providing them with the emotional instruments (of opportunity) to regulate their temperature and to deploy de-escalation techniques and strategies that will help them avoid harm to themselves and others in the heat of the moment.

We are collectively offering solutions/opportunities to this type of community violence that leaves many children and families staying at home for fear of a stray bullets instead of them having access to normal outdoor activities in their neighborhood parks. It is a sad fact that many youth and families that witness this type if violence will go right back to the place where the shootings happened as if it were just another day. We would like to offer some words of wisdom and understanding from several guest speakers at this event about the decision making process and Positive Youth Development. We want the youth and community members to feel comfortable while hearing how positive change can and will happen. One guest speaker will talk about past negative decisions and how he turned them into opportunities for growth.

It is our sincere hope that this community collaboration will allow the young folks to feel welcomed at this event. We want youth to just consider their actions and the potential consequences prior to making a bad decision, especially in the presence of children & parents. We collectively do this in an honest attempt to reduce any future violence associated with the recent shootings. There will be many Grass-Roots agencies that can provide resources involving employment, education, housing, mentoring, internships, and other transitional services and opportunities that help youth/young adults that are “At Risk” of being the perpetrator or victim of future gun violence.

Each agency that attends this event will have their own booth and will be provided some additional opportunities to speak about their programs and services. We will support you in every way we can to get the word out about the great work that your organization does for youth and families in the community. Please join us in assisting these young people with getting jobs, internships, educations, mentors, and other services that lead towards becoming a successful citizen of the community.

Guest speakers are as follows:

  • Honorable J. Wesley Saint Clair (with support from Honorable LeRoy McCullough) will talk about Positive Youth Development as it relates to the adolescent brain and the decision making process
  • David Lujano of the If Project and YMCA’s Alive & Free program will talk about his past gang affiliations, his present life, and his future based on his decision making process. The topic will cover Faulty Beliefs and community involvement as a way to give back. He will discuss some of the damage done to a community when youth can’t even go outside and play or the fact that this type of shooting events may be so normal that some neighbors will go back to the park like it’s just another day at the park.
  • Marcus Stubblefield will talk about what is happening at King County Juvenile Court around Restorative and Transformative Justice and with the Futures Visioning. Also speaking about Restorative & Transformative Justice will be Angela Davis of “No New Jim Crow”.
  • Hazel Cameron will talk about 4 c’s Coalition mentoring work in the City of Seattle and what resources are available for the youth in the community surrounding mentoring.
  • Unleash the Brilliance, whose mission is to inspire teens and at-risk youths to value education and the process of learning, will share real-life stories of success and determination as well as perform music, dance and skits as a means to engage a live audience. The dancers will be introduced by Terrell Dorsey-President of UTB.

We have the FOCUS GROUP and Vertigo Music Group (VMG) providing musical entertainment and they will also host an open Mic contest that allows youth to win $75-1st place, $50 2nd Place, and $25 3rd place, which will include poetry, dance, and spoken word as well.