Click on image to download full size flyer

Click on image to download full size flyer

Dear Rainier Beach Community, 

Please join our “Corner Greeters,” and help make Rainier Beach a beautiful safe place for youth, you can help by:

1. Spreading the word! Share this announcement

2. Signing up to be a volunteer “Greeter.” Here is a link to an online schedule where you can sign-up to be part of one (or more) greeter events. 

Background information:

You created the idea for Corner Greeters during the 21-Day Community Challenge at the Gathering event at South Shore School. The basic idea is this: For five consecutive weeks in the Summer of 2014, friendly volunteer “greeters” will set up portable “greeting places” in Rainier Beach to greet passers-by with a smile and invite them to interact in a creative, safe, fun mode of engagement. Greeters will share free food, beverages, and information about Rainier Beach community resources, events and crime prevention materials in multiple languages.

Goal 1: Spark interaction to build community and foster positive connections to the place.

Goal 2: Share and spread peace-based messages with a focus on caring for youth and preventing violence.

For more updates on our efforts to reduce crime that impacts youth in Rainier Beach, check out our website at:

Please contact me if I can provide any additional information. Thanks for all you do to make Rainier Beach a beautiful, safe place for youth!

Barb Biondo

Senior Project Coordinator