As part of RBAC’s YATTA Rising Wellness Core, Elijah Lewis and his team facilitated 6 weeks of financial literacy curriculum, which they called the Flourish Financial Group Planning Series.

Each class consisted of a new financial topic with a new financial coach. The first week was taught by Elijah L. Lewis, and was called “Money Management.” The second class focused on “Career Development” with Fyneicko Glover, our Career Coach. The third week was “Credit is Power” taught by Samual Mintah. The fourth week was “The Power of Investing” taught by Jessa Thompson. “More Than Just a Paycheck” was taught by CPA Latara Washington. Last but not least, “Generational Wealth” was the last class taught by Elijah himself.

“We take pride in taking a holistic approach on teaching financial literacy. We understand that it is important to show participants transparency through lived experiences. This is why all professionals are community members and share similar experiences with the participants we represent. Thank you for having me and my team be a part of the “Wellness Courses”. We enjoyed spending time with each participant. All of our professionals enjoyed the RBAC environment. We would love to continue working with the RBAC team and are looking forward to workshops to come.” – Elijah L. Lewis