Last week, the knowledgeable Hani Ahmed confidently taught a Wellness Core Class to a group of young adults. The first session of her class focused on internet safety, and the youth shared tips on how to stay safe on the internet. Some of the ideas mentioned were two-step verification, mute words, mute retweets, limiting the people you follow back, privacy settings on social media apps, camera covers, and using facial recognition.

Youth also read an article together that highlighted the effects of social media on mental health — especially in teens/young adults. Then they watched a video on how their phone is designed to keep them addicted. A few takeaways from the video were the apps with endless scrolling (designed that way so you spend more time on them), apps with brightly colored logos (designed to draw your attention), and apps that try and make you feel important (designed so that getting a notification is like receiving a like or retweet).

At the end of the class, Hani challenged the youth to use two or more tips about internet safety in their lives. She also challenged them to check in with themselves about how they feel after their social media use.