Hello Rainier Beach,

Thanks to RBAC and Seattle Tilth collaboration CHAMPS Resource & Service Center hosted their Summer CONNECT (Connecting Opportunities Networking & Navigating Communities Together) Network Luncheon at the recently remodeled Rainier Beach Urban Farm & Wetland. I was excited when I was told we could host our luncheon there. Maren informed me that they want the spae to be available for community use. It’s perfect for all sorts of gatherings and celebrations.

As I arrived with the food and giveaways for the luncheon, Maren and Chris, of Seattle Tilth Staff, were cleaning and setting up the space inside the community kitchen. As I looked around the spacious and clean area, I suggested that we gather outside because the sun was beautiful and the breeze was perfect. Both Maren and Chris agreed. They helped move the tables and chairs outside to set up. I put on some smooth jazz to set the mood as we continued to set up the food and resource table. Maren watered the garden while Chris picked some peas and I finished the final set up and sign in sheet.

The guest began to arrive one by one and I welcomed and directed them to sign in and grab a raffle ticket for drawing of the Trolley Dolly with bag and backpack with wheels giveaway. It’s great to see and hear community connecting, collaborating, laughing and having a good time.

After lunch, the guests went on a tour of the farm. I stayed behind to clean and pack up things, I could hear the OMGs, oohs, ahhs, and excitement they were having on the tour. They continued to network after the tour. It’s hard to tell people it’s time to go when they’re having such a great time celebrating each other.

The remaining guests helped me finish packing, cleaning, breaking down tables, stacking chairs and getting things to my car. What an awesome gathering this was at the farm watching community come together. The pictures speak for themselves. I will post more on my facebook page. Thanks for the work you all do to serve and empower youth and their families to the best they can.

Written by: Danielle Jackson
Edited by: Roshaun Jackson