The culmination of two years of organizing and research with Indigenous, Black, Brown, and low-income communities who call South Seattle and South King County home, this work outlines our community’s top energy policy priorities. We heard opinions from hundreds of community members about climate change, renewable energy, transportation, housing, utilities, and more. Despite our community’s great diversity of identities and experiences, clear patterns emerged.

  • Our community’s top climate concerns are poor air quality, food insecurity, and affordable housing
  • Focus transportation policy on shifting people from driving to other modes of transportation 
  • Pair infrastructure investments with anti-displacement policies
  • Meet the urgent need for low-income bill assistance and energy efficiency retrofits
  • The transition to renewable energy must have direct local benefits for frontline communities
  • A promise of good jobs must be backed by real access and collective bargaining 
  • The transition to renewable energy must be led by frontline communities and funded by those who caused climate change

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