Hello Everyone,

On January 23rd Rainier Beach PTSA will be hosting a very IMPORTANT meeting. This meeting is to stir up urgency among the parents/guardians in the performance of our students at RBHS.

Please forward the attached flier to whomever you come in contact who work with families of RBHS or future families of RBHS.

We are focusing on the hear and now but it does not hurt to have future families hear about the great things happening and or are coming. You will see the flier does not have a positive flair and this is on purpose this is to give a shock and awe to the information. In return we will be presenting the things in place to help the students performance and growth and to let parents know the one piece that is missing is them.

Presenters will be:
Michael Tolley
Drew O’Connell
Colin Pierce
Xaila Lewis (or someone from homework center and viking visionaries)

I have attached some information also to this email this comes for League of Education Voters Advocacy Workshops I attended this past weekend. It is for your review and to pass out as you deem fit.

Thank you,
PTSA President