A couple of weeks ago we received an email stating that RBAC, out of 78 applicants & a total of +$40million in requests, had been selected to receive funding from the Human Service Department’s Community Safety Capacity Building RFP. This means that we will be receiving $480,000 between now and December of 2022. Wow! 

Our purpose in applying for this funding was to build capacity within our Community Safety programs, as we have for some time been feeling the strain of a crucial ‘missing middle’ in relation to unfilled middle management and coordinator positions to make our programs run more smoothly. Thanks to this funding, we will have the ability to hire 4 program coordinators. This funding will therefore allow us the amazing opportunity to expand the reach and impact of our Community Safety programs, as we can soon begin the process of identifying and activating 5 additional ‘hot spots,’ and doing that more often– now 4 days a week instead of 1. Having more program coordinators will also allow us to increase our engagement with the community by creating more volunteer opportunities for folx.   

Just like with our most recent crime report from our friends at the George Mason University Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy, we will continue to publish reports on the progress of this community safety project, in addition to the results of the Community Safety survey that our Corner Greeters collect from folx weekly. 

Are we happy? Yes. Are we ready? Yes. Are you ready to walk alongside us to realize these outcomes? We sure hope so. 

We’ve got your back, do you have RBAC?