Sukutai Marimba & Dance Ensemble perform tonight at the South Seattle Arts Festival.

The Festival is FREE and is taking place at the Paul Robeson Performing Arts Center, from 7:30 pm night.


Led by Artistic Director and Zimbabwe native Lora Lue Chiorah-Dye, Sukutai exemplifies the Shona belief that if you can walk, you can dance, and if you can talk, you can sing. Ms. Chiorah-Dye My work teaches her students through music, song, games and movements that naturally lead to dance. Her classes include developing an awareness of the way we stand and the relationship between our posture and the earth. Through dance and music, students also learn about another culture, and hopefully, become more curious about their own backgrounds. Sukutai on MySpace

More information on the Festival is available here.

And many thanks to Broadway Bound for producing the Festival.