What: Discuss the future of Rainier Ave S
When: 5:30-6:30
Who: Community groups and nonprofits that were involved in asking for an extension of the Rainier Ave corridor safety project last year.


Dear Rainier Valley Community Leaders and Neighbors,

“Last year you joined us (Rainier Valley Greenways- RVG) in calling on the city to extend the Rainier Ave Safety project to Rainier Beach. Because of our joint effort, CM President Bruce Harrell allocated $1 million in the city’s budget and is now implementing our vision of Phase 2. The city has put out a survey and is asking for our input into what changes we want to see by August 31st. Can you meet with us sometime early next week to discuss what we all want to see and assist on the completion our draft letter?”

We are reaching out to you and hope that you will work with us as we continue to bring safety to our SE community and streets.

Please take a look at your schedule and make note of a time that will be convenient. I will send out a Doodle Poll tomorrow evening.

Also, I have included a copy of the video of Rainier Valley Greenways and it’s community neighbors standing in unity asking for Three More Miles”.

First, please find below a copy of SDOT’s News Release regarding the future of Rainier Ave S.

Subject: SDOT News Release – SDOT Seeks Community Input on Rainier Ave S Safety Project


August 9, 2017

 For Immediate Release

Contact:  Sue Romero, Senior Public Relations Specialist, 206.684.8548


SDOT Seeks Community Input on Rainier Ave S Safety Project

Two design options to help shape the look, feel, and safety landscape of the street


SEATTLE – The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is seeking input on the second phase of safety improvements along Rainier Ave S from S Kenny St to S Henderson St, as part of Seattle’s Vision Zero effort to end traffic deaths and serious injuries on city streets by 2030.


“I’m looking forward to continuing the safety improvements we have seen in Columbia City and Hillman City and extending the safer speeds further south along Rainier,” said Seattle City Council President and Council District 2 representative Bruce Harrell. “I encourage the community to take a look at the options and share their feedback for a safer Rainier Avenue.”


With two design options for community consideration, the project goal is to enhance safety for all travelers, primarily by reducing vehicle speeds on the City’s highest crash corridor. How to participate: visit the Rainier Avenue Online Open House at www.rainieraves.participate.online through August 31.


“After the first phase of improvements on Rainier in 2015, we saw speeding drop by 70 to 80 percent. That’s a huge difference,” said SDOT Director Scott Kubly. “If a person walking is hit by a driver going 40 mph, their likelihood of survival is 10 percent. At 20 mph, survival is 90 percent. Speed really does mean the difference between life and death. We want to continue this positive trend on Rainier.”


Design Option 1 includes:

  • A northbound Business Access and Transit (BAT) lane to improve bus reliability
  • Additional on-street parking along parts of the street
  • Accommodating future RapidRide Expansion

Design Option 2 includes:

  • A north-south bike route
  • Transit islands to improve bus efficiency, as well as on-street parking

Both design options aim to reduce serious and fatal crashes, improve bus reliability, and continue improvements made along Rainier Ave S. In 2015, SDOT redesigned Rainier between S Alaska St and S Kenny St. Since those changes, we’ve seen zero fatal collisions, significant speed reductions, and improved transit travel times (read the full report on the Rainier Ave S Safety Corridor for more details).

Phase 2 of the project covers Rainier Ave S from S Kenny St to S Henderson St. We anticipate finalizing design in fall 2017, with construction starting in 2018. See a full description of the options and walk through an online open house at www.rainieraves.participate.online through August 31. In addition to the online open house, SDOT staff will participate in community conversations, work with businesses, and conduct intercept surveys to share information and gather feedback.

Learn more about the Rainier Ave S project at www.seattle.gov/transportation/rainieraves.htm, and more about Seattle’s Vision Zero efforts at www.seattle.gov/visionzero.

Second, click on to the link to view our video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MaAd7sVqjJU

Third, ​

please find attached a copy of our letter that we addressed to SDOT’s at the original ask in 2014.