In May I joined a virtual presentation about the issues that black youth go through daily.


It’s hard to open up to a stranger you don’t even know. Sometimes many therapists don’t look like you. Many people in my community think therapy is unnecessary but the biggest problem Is it’s so EXPENSIVE !!  I don’t think you should pay to talk to someone about the struggles you go through in life. It should be free. The governments need to pay the therapist, not us!!  


Toni Williams is a therapist,  A BLACK THERAPIST, from Seattle, WA.  “Every life has value, and everyone deserves to find their healing space.” -Toni Willams


The things you go through are temporary so don’t feel like you’re losing hope, healing takes time. Sometimes it takes a year,  a month, 3 months to heal. There is no rush to heal yourself. Take your time. Sometimes we need to take a break. ‘’Almost everything will work again if you unplug it a few minutes, including you’’.  Sometimes we surround ourselves with negative  people that give you more pain and you start to feel depressed and anxious. Surround yourself with people that you will get inspired by. Make sure you have someone to talk to because all of your emotions are going to build up in you which causes more pain.


“You’d be surprised at what you attract after you start believing in what you deserve.”


It’s important to listen to someone when they are telling you their feelings because that person trusts you and you don’t open up to someone unless you trust them!  It’s  hard to open up to  someone because you don’t know how people feel about you on the inside. You could only see the outside. You should always listen to the person talking to you. What makes you a bad listener is when the person knows that you are not being present. Being distracted is another way  to be a bad listener. If you want to be a good listener you should let your doors open and let that person in.


Pause, ASK, then  LISTEN!


Maia Roudntree 


‘’Also days where I questioned your audacity to question me because y’all be having me all… the way. Anyways, there are days where my bed is my best friend, where my TV is my right hand and what about it?. days where I work out, days where I try hard, days where I lurk accounts, and days where my tears fall. There are days harder to recover from or the weight of the world on my shoulders and where I can’t breathe becomes a meme because the people like me really can’t breathe, because for some reason my life is trending. There are days where I need to rant. And everyone seems out of reach. But there are also days, when you reach out and we do nothing but release.  Here the universe is my comfort and where my voice is my home.’’


I really love this poet!!. When I read her poetry I can really relate to it. Maia is such an  immaculate poet. 


Black males get emotional too.


I wonder how they deal with their mental health because when you don’t discuss your emotions or what you’re going through that causes anxiety, depression, even suicide. Sometimes men don’t like to talk about their problems, because they might be seen as ‘’weak’’ or not ‘’tough’’ as well. That’s not true, just because you talk about how you feel, that does not make you weak at all. Relieve what’s on your chest!