I had such a good day a week or two ago and thought it would be a fantastic article to write and share what a “typical day” looks like for the Managing Strategist of an organization that fancies itself as a convener, collaborator and problem-solver on behalf of the Rainier Beach neighborhood. 

At RBAC, we have the supreme responsibility and honor of representing a neighborhood wherever we go and in whatever we do. I’m thinking this day would make Rainier Beach proud. 

Then I had a session with a few of RBAC’s YATTA at a Deployment Team Strategy meeting. This is the meeting where strategy is developed for RBACs Youth and Neighborhood Engagement work formerly known as the Corner Greeters and Clean Crew. I asked them to share their top five accomplishments from their time as an employee at RBAC. What they offered made the day I wanted to share with you pale in comparison. I’ll share their initials, their age and the number of years they have been at RBAC along with what they said their top five accomplishments have been. 

Ryan C.  (24, 5 yrs) 2022 RBAC Circle Booklet co-author, Beer Sheva Park Restroom Mural  and Pho Van Restaurant Building Pho Bac building mural artist, 2023 Earth Day  performed at 5+ neighborhood events in 2023, 

Hibo E. . (25, 3 yrs) Beach Fresh  Planning Team, Including high school age YATTA’s in food Justice work, Relationship building with high school YATTA’s and within RBAC, Inspired to start the Sisters Circle, Supported 2021-2022 Farm Stand end of season event; 

Tamia S.   (27, 5 yrs) Grown as a facilitator, completed two certificates -Facilities Management and Supervision. Smooth Operators contributor, RBAC Campus coordination trying new things outside of my likeness, 

Marisol S. P.  (24, 3 yrs) 3 Dia De Las Vidas events co-planner, Restorative Resolutions – Shifting the Narrative event co-planner, Rhythm & Release co-planner, Garden Gremlins “Paint the Beds Pizza Party, Interviewed for RBACast – professional and Restorative Resolutions, co-author of the Clean Crew zine Vol 2, Restorative Resolutions Zine and Inside Out Zine, circle keeping author and  trainer, co-planner Community Healing Space at RB Safeway Parking Lot; 

Davon F . (19, 4 yrs)  led multiple Youth and Neighborhood Engagement activations, the specialist for RBAC’s Rainier Beach Emergency Preparedness Community Hub , digital designer of RBEPCH logo and Worker sign in sheets, organizing and advising, CPR/AED certified; 

Isaac R (23, 1 yr) led events, created and structured activities e.g., learned and advanced  documentation of work, led 4 CPTED activities including Earth Day, produced processes for work efforts that includes steps to be taken before, during and after

Makayla M.  (25, 5 years) Garden Gremlins inspiration and co-creator, YATTA Rising Town Hall  – Community Response Network report preparer, Article series in South Seattle Emerald – Adulting 101 Overcoming Food Insecurity, Adulting 101 Mental Health Stressors  , FreedomNet headline and image producer, RBACast Technical Team; 

Mind you, these were the top five, you can bet their complete list is twice as long. Oh, as for the “typical day in the life of RBAC Managing Strategist”… I won’t spoil it, I’ll catch you next time. See you in the neighborhood.


Mind you each of these YATTA have aspirations beyond RBAC, maybe. For sure one of the aspirations is home ownership. Check out this link to see an effort RBAC is a partner of an initiative with a goal 1500 new LMI Black Homeowners by 2027. Check this link to the Black Home Initiative https://www.blackhomeinitiative.org/ to see what the work is about. As it is for the YATTA’s at RBAC you just learned about it may be for you.