CityOfSeattleWe recently received this announcement from the Seattle City Council on formalizing revisions to the goals and policies behind the Rainier Beach Neighborhood Plan, based upon the work of the Neighborhood Advisory Committee and community meetings held last year.

On May 13th City Council will be voting on the Rainier Beach neighborhood plan goals and policies that were amended through the neighborhood plan update. These goals and policies provide direction to the City as we undertake projects and program in support of the neighborhood plan. The Neighborhood Advisory Committee and City worked together to develop the amendments using the community’s input and review provided during the planning workshops and POEL workshops.

In addition to calling for improvements in public safety, pedestrian access to major community assets and explicit support for the Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetland project, the revised document includes this new text on economic development.

RB-G11 A strong local economy for Rainier Beach.

RB-G12 Strong entrepreneurship that creates jobs and grows the local economy

RB-P26 As part of community development, seek to provide programs that equip individuals and families with the tools for achieving sustainable wealth creation; managing their money; making sound financial decisions; and building wealth.

RB-P27 Consider strategies for employing youth when funding and implementing economic development programs.

RB-P28 Encourage Sound Transit to develop its properties south of the rail station in ways that create permanent, well-paying jobs.

RB-P29 Build on the asset of community diversity and consider the specific needs of minority and immigrant-owned businesses when undertaking economic development.

RB-P30 Use streetscape improvements to enhance the character of the town center and support small, locally-owned businesses located there.

The complete revisions can be downloaded from this link: Rainier Beach DPD Comp Plan Amendments 2013.

Note that local members of the Neighborhood Advisory Committee have reorganized as Rainier Beach Moving Forward to ensure neighborhood input, guidance, and initiative continues to play a leading role in the future of the Rainier Beach Neighborhood. As an initial sponsor of the Neighborhood Action Committee and fiscal agent of Rainier Beach Moving Forward, the Rainier Beach Community Empowerment Coalition will be focusing its resources, including this Web site, to encouraging the active and widespread participation of local residents and organizations.

The next Action Team meeting, focused on Growing Food to Develop Healthy Industry will take place on Thursday, May 23, 2013, 6:30 pm, at the NeighborCare Community Room. For more information, contact Patrice Thomas.