The Clean Crew has been going strong for about a year now.  Here some recent highlights from the work they have done. They have litter pick up routes, Cut the grass in neglected areas, hosted a Clean up challenge during the summer with ASBPY, Invited 17 people to help clean up the neighborhood via IG(Folks cut grass, clean stairs), Cleared a walkway so people could walk by. 

Here are some of the future goals for the clean crew, Surveys while doing litter pick up, hope that some ladies will join the Clean Crew, Hoping to add a new shed, and get some garden beds at Beer Sheva Park. 

Here is what the Clean Crew Supervisor Tyra had to say about some of the growth she has seen in the young men since she has been working with them. 

Josiah – When he first came, he was excited to work! He’s become much more mentally engaged now. Started thinking about the future, making plans, the big picture, etc. 

Ryan – Makes light of any situation. Great leader and artist. Creates community wherever he goes-invites people in. He teaches us it’s okay to slow down and listen. 

King – Works hard, anticipates need. Cool, calm collected. Challenges the team to reach their goals and become self-reliant. 

Miles – takes a big idea and makes it practical, has a way of making people think through their goals. Runs a soul cafe with his mom. 

Malcolm – Loves working with hands, wants to be an entrepreneur. He can fix things if you need help. 

Ray –  When he shows up, he’s ready to work. Loves to focus on the task.