Our Corner Greeter engagement workers usually are physically out in the field making a change in the neighborhood of Rainier Beach by activating spaces through providing non-arrest crime intervention work/activities such as beautifying the neighborhood, sharing and passing out important information about what is going on in Rainier Beach, doing safety surveys and functioning as citizen journalists by posting online to keep the neighborhood informed and connected. As a response to COVID-19 functioning as citizen journalist has become the main way our Corner Greeters stay busy. The Corner Greeters have been requested to use the hashtag #todayi on their FreedomNet pages daily, with what they are doing during this time of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Seattle Public Schools canceled in-person classes last month, which was followed by a stay at home order from Governor Inslee not too long after.  Of course, this has brought with it changes and some challenges to the young people’s daily lives. Our #todayi is becoming an outlet for young people to showcase the things they are doing at home with their families while keeping us updated about what is happening in the community near them. It also is an opportunity for the Corner Greeters to inspire other folks to do something new and creative! They have offered to share things they are cooking and eating at home with their families, also ways to stay healthy such as sharing exercising routines and ways to keep their minds at peace using mediation and other self-care practices.  All of the posts they make are available online on the RBAC website, www.rbcoalition.org. You can cycle through the page as well as follow the youth on twitter pages.  

During this time we have been keeping in contact with all of our youth and their families.  We know that the social and economic impacts are being felt differently by those in our communities, so we are doing our best to support family and community needs as they arise.

We have shared a list of resources available for the community and their families.  This list is being updated regularly and includes resources for food, help with utilities, housing, education, support for domestic violence, among other things.  If you are in the Rainier Beach neighborhood and could use any type of support right now, please reach out to us directly by phone (206.822.1980) or through email, covid-19@rbactioncoalition.org.