The 1st youth and parent orientation day at RBAC was truly special. We had an amazing time, enjoying delicious Somali food , getting to know the parents (Muslim mamas) and learning about the exciting opportunities for young people at RBAC. Parents had the pleasure of meeting the team that works with their youth.  It was heartwarming to witness the strong bond between parents and their children, as they enthusiastically supported and encouraged each other.

Throughout the night, there was a strong sense of connection and support between youth and their parents. It was heartening to witness the parents’ genuine interest and encouragement for their children’s aspirations. The event had open communication and a shared understanding of the paths that the youth could explore.

Overall, the youth and parent orientation night was a truly memorable and heartfelt experience. It brought together families, celebrated culture, and ignited a sense of excitement for the future. Youth said the event was super helpful and informative. They liked getting a better understanding of what their parents will be doing and how they can support them. It made them feel more connected and involved when their parents’ joined us. Also, they appreciated the opportunity to ask questions and have open discussions. It was definitely a positive experience for all of us. Looking forward to the next youth and parent orientation day.

-Hibo Elmi