The Corner Greeter events were designed by the community at the May 2014 Gathering event in Rainier Beach. The pop-up style event, held on a rotating basis at five focus areas are a creative way to bring people together to foster interactions that build community. They are designed to engage passers-by in fun activities The primary goal is to develop a following of neighborhood volunteers (residents, businesses, stakeholders) to provide stewardship of the Corner Greeters and guardianship of the space they function in. RBAC has placed youth in charge of running the Corner Greeters and would like the neighborhood to take leadership from them. Other Rainier Beach A Beautiful Safe Place Activities includes: Rainier Beach Back2School Bash: August 8th, 12 noon – 4 pm (Rainier Beach Plaza), Rainier Beach Town Hall – Restorative Justice: August 19, 6-8 pm (Urban Impact at Emerald City Bible Fellowship); Artwalk Rainier Beach: September 5th, 10 am – 5 pm RB PlazaRB Hotspots

All events are 4:30-7:30 pm
Rose Street – Wed, July 15; Wed, Aug 19; Wed, Sept 23
Rainier and Henderson – Wed, July 23; Wed, Aug 26; Wed, Sept 30
Martin Luther King Junior Way/Henderson (Light Rail Station) – Tue, July 28; Tues, Sept 1
Safeway – Tue, Aug 4; Thu, Sept 10
Lake WA Apartments (The Circle) – Thu, Aug 13; Thu, Sept 17