By: Samuel Woldemariam


The Rainier Beach development town hall occurred on June 30th 2022. With MC’s Niecko Glover , Cathie Wilmore and Raphael Jackson. The MC’s did a great job of charting the progress of various different housing developments that were appearing in and around Rainier Beach. The focus of this townhall was ensuring that these developments , development managers and executives were able to hear the needs and wants of the community and vice versa. During the townhall breakout sessions development managers were in conversation with community members and service providers around issues of gentrification , displacement and rising housing costs. 


Some questions that stood out:


What is something your company / organization can provide Rainier Beach?


What excites you about these developments?


What makes you nervous about these developments?


How can BIPOC be more involved in new developments in Rainier Beach?


How can local businesses benefit from new developments in Rainier Beach?