With deep gratitude, we can say that our CSA program has so far been a success! Due to the unwavering support from community members, we are now able to announce our “Gleaned CSA” boxes which will be launching in the last week of October and second to last week of November. So, what exactly is a “gleaned” box? According to Food Hub and Farm Stand manager Kerry White, “this gives our farmers and partners the opportunity to sell late season produce, gleaned items or new crops that they have not traditionally grown because they had no outlet for them. This extends the traditional local CSA model into late November.” After sending out a survey to our current CSA customers, 43.2% of respondents indicated that they would like to support the box coming out in November, while 45.5% said they were interested in the October box. When looking into why our customers intend to buy these boxes, Kerry said “we have customers that are only purchasing the late season boxes because they coincide with their garden’s seasonality” and “we had a customer that is low income say the box was important to them to celebrate fall holidays with their little humans. To participate in cultural norms and traditions.” When it comes to the type of produce that farmers will be providing, customers can expect squash, pumpkins, onions, potatoes, cabbage, apples and garlic. If available, there will also be carrots, parsnips, beans and perhaps radishes. Haven’t been able to sign-up for a CSA box yet but are still interested in purchasing this fall? Register at this link here!