RBAC is having a financial wellness core class taught by Elijah Lewis. Elijah is one of the founders of the Financial Flourish group. So far, there have been four classes out of a six-week course. 

In the first class, we talked about our relationship with money and how spending and savings impact your financial well-being. Some of the questions that the YATTA’s answered are who first taught you about money?  Would you rather have 100,000 dollars or and 750 credit score?  In the second class, we had  Fynniecko Glover Jr come and talk to us about things we love to do, and the people in the class took a Gallup’s strength assessment that showcases your top 5 talents. In the third class, we had Samuel Mintah teach us all about credit. We learned about credit utilization, age of credit, how to build your credit score early, and generational wealth. The fourth class was about contracts and taxes. We watched a video about how much information you’re giving away when you accept the terms and conditions on apps. Latara Washington talked to us about how to properly do your taxes, tax exemptions, and credits.