On April 15th, YATTA Rising gave a presentation at the engagement pipeline event held by the Seattle Foundation, which funds the YATTA Rising program. A few other programs that received funding gave presentations as well.  Here is a glimpse of what was shared and an inside look at what the YATTA Rising program does.


YATTA Rising is a system change and leadership-building program that educates and supports YATTA’S’ well-being.  The program comprises one part of system change, and the other part is wellness core classes. The wellness core framework includes social/emotional support, mental health and wellness, cognitive development, physical safety, and economic well-being.  So far, there have been classes on financial literacy, asthma and seizure response, business, policing, and mental health and wellness.


The YATTA Rising team that presented was Hani, Zion, and Mr. Davis. They have been doing this work for around three years now. The original goal of YATTA Rising was to focus on mutual respect with the Seattle Police Department.  The goal was to create system/policy change regarding the police department.  Although they eventually pivoted from that goal, however the focus remained on first response.


The program currently focuses on where they believe the most change can happen; first response. YATTA Rising is partnering and will most likely continue to partner with different organizations focused on first response, whether CPR or Asthma response training. 


System Change Circles are a vital part of the program. Circles support healing and education. This is where the participants in the program create ideas and solutions and think about how different systems could be improved.  Young adults can speak freely in these Circles without the fear of judgment. It is a space where everyone is empowered. 


The ultimate goal is to create a policy recommendation, take the knowledge and skills learned to make an Impact, and o create a network where community leaders can come together.  

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