Our excitement is without measure about the $3 million received to purchase property across the street, just west, from the Rainier Beach Light Rail Station. RBAC (a merger between Rainier Beach Community Empowerment Coalition and Rainier Beach Moving Forward in 2015) has been toiling on the ground in Rainier Beach since 2003. We see the allocation of resources for this purchase as reparations for effort expended during that time to make Rainier Beach a beautiful safe place, a place for everyone, a place that believes in life long learning and a place to grow healthy food for healthy industry. This result would not have been realized but for the vision and work of many people over the years, some people who come to mind are Lynne Minor, James Luster, Harvey Drake and Betty Lowe, Joe Marley, Doc Young and Martha Winther.  These folks have been putting in work in Rainier Beach since 1991. A few others we want to pay homage and tribute to are Harry Hoffman, Yalonda Gill Masundire, and Dr. Elaine Newton (Bennett). These people, who have since passed away (rest in power), formed the foundation of our current work, gave inspiration to our current work and expanded the sphere of influence our current work has attained. We want to honor them in some way commemorate their impact. We have not put a lot into this idea until lately so if you have any ideas for us email them to info@rbactioncoalition.org.

See you in the neighborhood.