This is not a job announcement.  It is a description of the work RBAC has young adults who are transitioning to adulthood (we call them YATTA’s) working in. These YATTA’s live in the Rainier Valley and are making a difference beyond their immediate work. 

Description of Work 

Under the supervision of the Managing Strategist, represent Rainier Beach Action Coalition in its efforts to support young-adult empowerment and leadership initiative, where young adult leaders learn-by-doing and lead by example. This is a citizen-led neighborhood service for young adults to leverage the neighborhood they come from. 

Outcomes (performance level measures) 

How much will we do?  2 weekly meetings/activities,  2 RBAC partner outreach each week,  1 weekly focus task. How well will we do it?  90% positive response from partners & contacted stakeholders,  80% positive results following outreach and engagement efforts, 100 resident/young-adult engaged over the year. Who will be better off?  The Beach Fives: Will be mentored and in turn mentor other young-adult themselves, Will Increase their ability & comfort navigating bureaucracy & accessing services.

Products (Activities we are able to do)  

Attend Corner Greeter Planning Meetings and events,  shadow RBAC strategist staff,  support social media campaign (FreedomNet), attend on-going standing meeting with Beach Five team, debrief with staff afterwards, attend weekly training + hands-on activities (draft letters, research issue, reach out to partners…), produce a self-determined agreed-upon project for personal growth and development.

Essential Impact  

Belief in ability to succeed,  Positive social-emotional development,  Strong peer relationships,  Success beyond school or employment,  Young-adult live in supportive neighborhoods,  Young-adult who have an adult to turn to, 

Skills Required  

A friendly personality,  Ability to work under pressure,  Time-management skills – ability to manage and organize your time,  Deal with multiple young-adult and adult cultures while supporting a fun cultural diverse environment,  Adaptability,  Need to be comfortable working in areas where violence and crime may occur – these are often places that the Beach Five will be working to improve the beautification of, Awareness or ability to employ restorative justice principles  

The YATTA’s doing this work, which essentially builds capacity within RBAC so it can do its far-reaching work, are concerned about the future of this program.  The grant has been extended one additional year into 2021 and future funding is contingent on the passing of the Martin Luther King Jr County Best Starts for Kids levy passing in November 2021. The article is an effort they are engaged in to spread awareness about the program and to draw in funding to continue it. It operates on $150,000 per year. Currently, it supports six YATTA’s who work 20 hours per week at a wage of $20/hour.  Ideas for funding should be sent to