GAGElogo_smallEvery Friday night the Gage Alhadeff Studio is transformed into a drop-in art center for teen artists. And now the program is available on Saturdays at the 2100 Building in Rainier Valley!

Teen Art Studios (TAS) is a free program that provides a diverse, challenging and productive environment for young artists.

Every month a different professional artist teaches a new art form, including cartooning, figure drawing, mixed media and more. You receive focused instruction and get the chance to explore a range of different mediums and skills. Refreshments provided.

  • When: Saturdays, 6:30pm-9:30pm
  • Where: The 2100 Building in Rainier Valley (2100 24th Ave S)
  • For: Ages 13-18

All materials provided. All levels welcome. Space is limited, so be sure to arrive on time.

Make friends and build a killer portfolio rr just have fun making art.



  • Sketchbook Night Camp
  • Ryan Finnerty

Learn how to make sketchbooks by hand, personalize them and learn the processes, practices and pitfalls of keeping them. Work with water-based media exploration, problem solving, observation and some games. You carry your sketchbook with you all the time, and live or die by it.


  • Mixed Media & Assemblage: The Resourceful Artist
  • Shannon Anderson

Discover the practice of creating art with reclaimed and recycled materials. Invoke the imagination with bottle caps, cardboard, trinkets, scraps and various found objects. Working with collage, mosaic and sculpture techniques, create your own personal narrative through the process of assemblage.


  • Figurative Casting & Installation
  • Noah Grusgott

Learn the history of figurative sculpture by looking at artists such as Rodin, George Segal, Juan Muñoz and Kiki Smith. Starting with gestural drawing, learn how to cast the body by molding arms, hands, legs and faces with plaster and gauze; culminating in a collaborative group installation in the final week.

For more information, see the Teen Art Studios Web site