XR  Valley workshop. XR is any form of an immersive experience. This can include virtual reality but also things like guided tours.  Something that you may not have known RBAC has is the Food Innovation Center concept in virtual reality. The idea is to be able to put on a headset and view everything almost as if you were there in real life. You put on a headset and are transported to the world of the Food Innovation Center. Within the experience, there is a menu that lists the locations that make the food innovation center possible. Some of the locations are a classroom, the farm, the food bank, and a greenhouse. When you click on the location in the menu you are immediately taken to that place. Sometimes there is the occasional voice-over to explain the concepts.  Workshops were held where we came up with ideas for a new and improved version that will eventually be shown to the community. Throughout this process, we narrowed down what we believe are the most important things to showcase for this experience. This new version will try to include more languages and have a feeling of more interactivity. While some of the elements will be the same, there will be new things that make it better.