Mod Squad Update!


It has been a while since our last update from the Mod Squad and a lot has happened since then! We are actively working with our Architect, Fivedot, and Construction team, Abbott Construction, to make the RBAC Growth Center a reality. 


For the last 1 year and 8 months, the Mod Squad has been meeting weekly to discuss a wide variety of topics in relation to the construction process. That includes the unique challenges of funding construction fees as a nonprofit, the permits and technical requirements involved, and the various material options available for walls, floors, doors and lights. Most importantly, we also discuss the purpose of the building and how it will continue to serve community members and build the capacity of not just RBAC but the entire neighborhood. As someone who joined the team knowing nothing about these processes, it has been extremely valuable getting to learn from fellow Mod Squad members, our architect, and our contractor.


On the topic of construction, here are a few things to be excited about for the RBAC Growth Center (located at 9059 Martin Luther King Jr Way S)!:

  • The Food Hub area of the building is nearly complete and, once the building is done, will have cold and dry storage available to support local farmers and food-related businesses
  • The demonstration kitchen is next on our list for construction, with the purpose of bringing the community together around food and healthy eating
  • You can also expect to hear more in the future about event and meeting space, as well as a recording studio


Those are all the updates for now, but stay tuned for more as construction continues!