WOW. This year has been full of celebrations and grief. The reality is, when you are committed to a “value,” you practice that value. So, when we say we are committed to at least attempting to practice Restorative Justice or Restorative principles, that means we must put it into action. Easier said than done! Nevertheless, big shout out to the Circle Keeper Network and to the other orgs that are integral to Restorative Resolutions. They have pushed through major adversity and still continue to show up for each other and have a consistent presence in Rainier Beach. 

So far this year the Circle Keeper Network has held in-person and virtual trainings (January and February), continued the monthly “Black Queens Connect” Circles (which just celebrated their One Year Anniversary!), became consistent with “Brothers Holding Space” (which are now monthly), and have held some dynamic Community Building Circles. Some notable Circle topics from this time period include an Educators Circle (for those who work in schools at all grade levels), a Circle about the Power of Film (using the TV shows Power, BMF, and Snowfall as references), and the Black Queen Connect Circle called “Hugging the Heart.” 

The Circle Keeper Network was berthed through a natural transformation that built upon RBAC and RB’s hxstorical practice of Restorative Justice and Circle Keeping. It was catalyzed by increased funding due to Restorative Resolutions. We are due for another transformation! We have learned what it takes to truly show up in and for our community and are as energized as ever to continue on this path! Stay tuned for more information as the summer comes to a close and the CKN undergoes another transformation that is sure to reap some powerful fruit!