Hello Again,


I am incredibly elated to introduce our new Director of Operations, Ilays Aden! Ilays has been amazing in her new role and her experience is otherworldly. We at RBAC are so grateful to have her on our team! To get to know our Ilyas more, we asked some fun “get to know you” questions. Here are the responses:


  1. What inspired you to pursue a career in operations management, and what keeps you motivated in this role?


I am so excited to join RBAC as the new Operations Director. My background in legal, organizational capacity building, community engagement, fundraising, and environmental justice has led me to an Operations role, specifically here at RBAC. The great part about being in this role is that I have served our communities in South Seattle for the last eight years, and I have the chance to continue my journey and personal mission alignment here. The personal investments and sweat equity our community and volunteers put into making Rainier Valley a beautiful place is also very inspiring.


  1. Outside of work, what are your passions or hobbies that you love to indulge in?


I enjoy being outside on warm days, traveling and exploring new places with family and friends, and learning about different cultures. I am a big movie and documentary buff and the occasional reality TV. show. I am also passionate about bringing people to the table, whether it is to share a meal or to engage in important dialogue that supports a healthy and thriving community for all.


  1. Biggest goal for 2024?


My biggest professional goal at Rainier Beach Action Coalition and the boards I serve on is to increase access to resources and funds for our black and brown, indigenous, and immigrant communities. I also want to support our staff and youth in building capacity and professional development.

My goals for this year are to take more time in solitude, get back to writing poetry, enjoy summer concerts, and ride my bike at least a couple of times a week.


We are so excited to work with Ilays and have her support in making RBAC the best we can be for you, our neighbors! If you have any questions about our operation, feel free to reach out to Ilays at ilays@rbactioncoalition.org