By: Jeremiah Conyers & Samuel Woldemariam


Two doors down from the RBAC Growth Center you may have noticed that a small community has been in development for some time now. In response to rising costs for housing and the growing rates of houseless people that aren’t receiving proper care and facilities; the Southend Tiny House Village was born. A few citizen journalists from Rainier Beach Action Coalition spent time at the Southend Tiny House Village celebration to document this new landmark in Rainier Beach. Hearing the experiences of those that have worked with LIHI (Low-Income Housing Institute) was eye-opening; these tiny homes aren’t just a roof over your head. The village also provides services for residents. There is an on site kitchen, washer & dryer, personal case-workers, medical and dental services and more. LIHI supports residents by using the tiny house villages as a stepping stone towards self sustainment and permanent housing.


Gregory Davis, the Managing strategist of Rainier Beach Action Coalition, was able to give a welcome speech to the volunteers, stakeholders and community members that were in attendance at the celebration. In his speech he spoke about the many other organizations that were working towards making Rainier Beach “A beautiful safe place”. 

“Rainier Beach has a plan, and it calls for this kind of development. We are two doors down from the Tiny House Village and we’re planning on turning that building into a Food Innovation Center. The Tiny House Village joins various other organizations that are supporting residents of Rainier Beach. Such as Polaris Apartments, Rainier Valley Food Bank, FAME & WA Equity Alliance, Elizabeth Thomas Homes and the Northwest Kidney Center. On behalf of Rainier Beach we welcome you (Gregory Davis).

(‘Mayor of Rainier Beach’ Gregory Davis

Photographed by: Jeremiah Conyers)


As stewards of the community and neighborhood plan it’s important to uplift other organizations and projects especially programs like this. This is what’s needed in Rainier Beach. By supporting the residents and overall wellness we support the neighborhood plan and make Rainier Beach a beautiful safe place. We wish the best for the Southend Tiny House Village on their community launch!