I’m Jarquita Brown, the new Development Manager at Rainier Beach Action Coalition (RBAC). Stepping into this role has been an exhilarating journey, filled with moments of inspiration as I continue to learn more about the team and the neighborhood we serve. I am excited about this new chapter!

One of the most exciting moments of this new chapter was just this week, Giving Tuesday! We celebrated this global day of giving by shining light on our donors and spreading cheer in the neighborhood with coffee and donuts as we informed many of them about the impactful work we do.

Giving Tuesday was an amazing display of kindness, connection, and a shared purpose. We were on a mission to raise $7,000 to support the construction of our Growth Center, and we are so thankful for your contributions. Whether through your generous donations, word-of-mouth, or sharing our campaign across social media, we are immensely grateful.

I am excited to share more of my journey with you all here. Looking ahead, my vision as Development Manager is to propel our mission further by continuing to contribute to the amazing foundation that is being built here.

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Peace and Blessings,