1. Young Adults: Join YATTA Rising!

The Rainier Beach neighborhood is looking for young adults transitioning into adulthood, typically 15-24 years old, to join RBAC and work on creating policy change strategies within the Seattle Police Department.  YATTA Rising is an acronym for “Young Adults Transitioning to adulthood Rising Up.” The initiative will work to enhance participating YATTA’s wellbeing so you can show up in this work at “full attention” i.e., well fed, strong self-identity, cognitively sharp, knowledge about public safety structures. YATTA Rising will also take a deep look at practices within SPD, that, if changed, will empower our community to be better able to police itself. 

This initiative is standing on the platform established by the Corner Greeter project, a youth and neighborhood engagement effort, started in 2014.Young residents activate places in the neighborhood as a way to deliver community-led, non-arrest crime intervention practices as an alternative to policing.

 Info sessions are held every other Friday at 4:00 pm at RBAC Offices, 9013 MLK Jr Way, Seattle, WA 98118. Stipends are available/ Work with fun, creative and deeply committed people. To learn more, click here: YATTA Rising!