Lynda Greene has been named permanent director for the Southeast Seattle Senior Center. The center board, staff at Senior Services, center volunteers, participants and staff are delighted to have her step up to the permanent director role.

Ms. Greene’s email is and her phone number is 206 722-0317. Lynda has over four years experience heading up the Resource Development Department at a non profit organization in Seattle. Prior to that she worked in the hospitality industry as Senior Sales Manager and finally as director of Sales at a boutique hotel. She left the hospitality industry because she felt a strong pull toward the mission orientated work of the non-profit sector. Lynda continues to impress us with her people skills, confidence, warmth and cultural competency. She is often described as the go to person, grounded, unflappable and skilled at building teams with volunteers and staff to pull off projects of all kinds.

Congratulations, Lynda!