police brutality october 22Stop Police Brutality National Day of Protest

Part of the time to Speck Out  and voice your concerns one of the best way to do this to go to a rally and be a participant in a event like this. I you don’t know to Today is the National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, this very important because of recent investigation launch on March 31, 2011 conducted by the Depart of Civil Rights Divisional Special Litigation Section.

Recent October 22nd events in Seattle have been relatively peaceful. In 2010, large crowds joined the march in the wake of the John T. Williams killing by SPD. Seattle’s police force is now subject to a Department of Justice consent decree after findings about the department’s use of force and treatment of minorities.

So please try to join in with the rally and march,

rally is for a hour long at 5:30 pm at Seattle Central Community College

march will start at 6:30 pm from Seattle Central Community College the direction as follows: Broadway and E Pine Street, south on Broadway to E Pike Street; east on Pike to 12th Avenue; south on 12th to E Union Street; east on Union to 13th Avenue; north on 13th to E Pine Street; west on Pine to 12th Avenue; north on 12th to E Olive Street; west on Olive to 11th Avenue; south on 11th to E Pike Street, west on Pike to Tenth Avenue; north on Tenth to E Pine Street; west on Pine back to SCCC. Seattle Police will escort the marchers. Motorists should anticipate possible traffic delays especially on Pine, Pike, and 12th Avenue.