Peter Masundire and Henry Hoffman, leaders of the Friends of Atlantic City Nursery

Everybody was happy, the organizers of the event…Friends of Atlantic City Nursery, Seattle Tilth; City of Seattle elects, Parks Department officials, urban farming advocates and of course the residents of the neighborhood.  The Breaking Ground event was exceptionally planned and the grounds of the Urban Farm were smartly set up.  It was another good day in Rainier Beach!

Here is the take from a group of young people (Jaspreet, Monte, Mandep and Bunty) one of whom (Jaspreet) was on assignment for her Diversity Globalism class on food production at Highline Community College.  Highlights – The opportunity to volunteer (serving food); seeing the goats; the Mayor being present and speaking; the food was good.

Most surprising – Did not expect this many people. How a relatively small size of people coming together can do so much.   Implications of the project for the neighborhood – It helps the neighborhood, the food production (processed and fast foods) currently available is horrible.  This event should help more people get involved, it seems people are watching not communicating as well as they could…this should help bring them in.

Now let’s link this jewel to our local schools so students can benefit from knowing its value as a neighborhood asset and utilize it to be exposed to career and higher learning opportunities.

Yalonda Gill Masundire enthusiasm from the podium excites people