RB Transit Justice Corps with MuralRainier Beach Transit Justice Youth Corp completes Metro mural, their latest project to better our community transportation wise.

Transit Justice young adult leaders Mariah S, Tanisha S, Yerenia U, Elena W and Alex H have completed their latest transit justice project – a mural for the Metro Bus Stop at Renton Avenue South and Henderson Street in Rainier Beach.  These transit justice young adult leaders were impacted greatly by this project. Here are some of their responses to project evaluation questions:


1. Share your favorite part about working on the mural

“My favorite part about working on the mural was getting the opportunity to portray my neighborhood in the way that I see it”

“The painting was my favorite part…I had a lot of fun”

“Working with so much diversity.  I liked that we all had our own opinions to bring to the project which made it come out beautiful”

2. What was the most challenging part of working on the mural and what was the most rewarding part?

“The most challenging part of working on the mural was bringing out my inner artistic ability”

“The most challenging part of working on the mural was coming up with ideas for the mural. The rewarding part was the final results “ J

The most challenging part was that I am a perfectionist, so I wanted the mural to come out perfect so little things were very tedious. The most rewarding part is being able to brag about what it looks like and taking credit for doing it.

3. Please share two things you appreciated most about this group?

“The two things I appreciate most is the drive to better our neighborhood transportation wise”

“I appreciated how we acted like a small family.  I also appreciate how when one of us is having a bad day we can rely on the rest to put a smile on our face”

“1. Everyone is different and has qualities to offer. 2. It is somewhere I can feel safe and important as a member and do something that helps the neighborhood”

4. Please share one area you have grown in since beginning this mural project

“I have grown in my artistic ability because I had to draw.  It helped me to get over my challenges”

“I have become a better team worker and I have learned the values of different points of view.


“I have grown in my leadership skills. I have never been put in leadership roles and ever since my involvement in this transit justice project I got the strength to pursue leadership opportunities like being president of a school club”

5. Is there anything else you would like to share?

“Thank you for allowing me to participate”

“The journey was awesome. J We had some downs but 98% were up”

“I never thought that I could make a mural as nice as the one we have created and I am very thankful for this opportunity

Mentors and role models are needed if young leaders are expected to have a wholistic and positive experience. Marianne Hanley, Rebecca Saldana, Carina del Rosaria, Pastor Monica from Rainier Beach United Methodist Church and Gregory Davis have served in this role and many thanks are extended to them.  Thanks also to the Rainier Beach Community Club, Waste Management and Puget Sound Sage. For more information on Transit Justice Youth Corp email call the Rainier Beach Community Empowerment Coalition at 206.914.1762 or by email at rainierbeachneighborhood@hotmail.com.