At RBAC we are always trying to uplift and be conscious of our community and its needs. But to make big things happen and to get programs moving forward, you have to work with others with similar or even the same goals. But that leaves the question; What is this new project of RBAC’s? What is it trying to do? 

Our new project that we are calling  Re-Imagining Henderson, is all about thinking of new layouts and plans for Henderson St that will have the fundamental goal of improving the safety near our schools, safety in driving, and showing our creativity and art as a community! And those are just some of the goals and ideas for this new project. 

And you might have heard of a program that is similar to this one. The Link2Lake Program is also working on a similar project, starting with re-designing Be’er Shiva park! So we thought that it would only make sense to partner with them, because our goals are so similar. 


So please keep an eye and ear out for the Re-Imagine Henderson project, because as we create ideas that we want to see in the neighborhood, we will also be asking the community what they want to see, and what everyone thinks will be important changes. We don’t want our voice to be the only ones heard, we want yours too!