Earth Day 2023 was a fantastic turn out. The Mission Continues, Green Seattle, Carvana Cares, and RBAC all came together on April 22, 2023 for our annual Earth Day clean up. 

This year’s event was at Mapes Creek on 52nd and Henderson. Anyone in the community knows how essential the walkway is connecting the school to the other side of Rainier Ave. This area has seen many changes throughout the years, going from a place that was uninviting to now being very welcoming with the art and continuous maintenance of the area. We had more than 30 volunteers come together and lay gravel, mulch, pick up litter, and install an info kiosk for the community to stay up to date on upcoming activities. In the last year RBAC and the Clean Crew have added 3 benches and flowers at Mapes Creek in their practice of C.P.T.E.D

Mapes Creek is a hot spot for illegal dumpings and a place many animals call home. Mapes creek leads directly to Beer Sheva which is a part of Lake Washington’s large ecosystem of animals including fish, ducks, turtles and many more wild life. 

Help RBAC combat the litter crisis in Rainier Beach! Dunk the Junk!